Protection and waterproofing

Our LisoTop™ products combine the advantages of 3 different polymers (silane, siloxane and/or fluoro polymers) to make an excellent sealer for building surfaces.

Our LisoTop™ products penetrate deep into the surface, allowing a very good bonding with the substrate. They are designed to give superior water and/or oil repellence, anti-staining and anti-graffiti properties to all concrete and masonry surfaces i.e. bricks, marble, natural stones porous or non-porous etc.
These polymers also reduce both spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence.

Among our LisoTop™ products, customers could find the most suitable solution for protecting their building surfaces.
Our maintenance section includes our LisoClean range, detergent for heavy duty cleaning or day to day maintenance and our new LisoJoint, a polyurethane based joint filler.